I hope today finds you in great spirits, I dabble here and there trying out new things and learning where possible.  Selling these items here helps against the cost of learning and trying new things.

All my sites are work in progress as I try learning the new and old ways of creating websites, experiencing and learning forms, Secure Server and data flow / data hand off.

I leave the secure transaction for buying and sell portion to the Experts of PayPal(R)(TM)

To pay for learning and trying out new things, I sell domains, coins, stamps and sports cards.

Throughout my site you will find my Domains, Coins and Stamps I have collected over the years, that I am now selling to provide the money needed for learning and trying out new opportunities.

All prices are marked on each item for what the cost is. All sales are final. I use PayPal for proper security for both Your Protection and Mine.

All transactions are Secure, Documented and Tracked.

Please scan through my pages and if your looking for a similar item to what I have posted, shoot me a message as a just in-case I have not posted it yet.

If your looking for a better or magnified image please feel free to ask and I can email those to you directly.

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Domains, Coins, Stamps and Sports Cards for SALE